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How to Solve Mic Problems in DC Universe Online

When playing multiplayers mode in
DC Universe Online,
players could enjoy a rather amazing feeling with their friends on the
PVE and PVP severs,
they also need a mic to communicate with their partners. During this time, they may find some mic problems in the game. This Mic Problems solving guide tells you how to solve some common
Mic Problems
in DC Universe Online.

NO.1: How to make mics work

There are a few steps here. First, make sure that your headset is turned on BEFORE you start the game. Just to be extra certain, double check it in Settings->Accessories->Audio Device Settings. When you are in the game, you can chat with groups of 4 or 8. That is, you either need to be in a GROUP or a RAID party, and then you can chat with those people.

No matter it is
Blue-Tooth or USB,
go to the accessory settings and make sure both Output and Input are set to the appropriate settings. When you start the game up, make sure your VOICE settings are the correct way and try again. Also, Group Chat is the best way to make sure the headset works as you can speak with a player wherever you are.

NO.2:How to mute a specific person in a group

Press start and find there name in the list clic it and mute should be there.

NO.3:Hear on tv only, but talking through the mic

There's a mic output setting somewhere in options, you must have it set to tv or default or something. Set it to your mic.

NO.4:You can hear others, but they could not hear you

XMB is the X Media Bar, which is your PS3 home, what you get when you first start the PS3, the main menu so to speak. So basically if your mic isn't working in game, hold the PS3 controller home button, choose quit game, turn off your mic, then back on, then start the game.

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