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Cad-b is now chokolade and nothing apart from the name has altered

Each and every person who has loved chocolate would know how awesome it is to have a scoop of chocolate. Having a sweet tooth is sinfully blissfully. I am 100 percent sure that every chocolate lover goes weak in their knees even by thinking of a bar of chocolate. Imagining having a single bite of chocolate is enough to make their mouths water.

There is absolutely no shortage of chocolate food products that are available in the market in the present day and every person who loves chocolate is definitely spoilt for choice. There are a lot of brands in the present time that now cater to this weak spot of chocolate lovers. You will easily find one dessert store in every area. One of the most prominent chocolate delicacy chain is Cad b. chocolate lovers list this as one of their chocolate hot-spots.

Cad-b is now chokolade
. This change had been made fairly recently. And this change is restricted only to name. The taste of their products and their service all remains to be the same. Everything else apart from the name of the brand remains to be constant. Even the list of products and the shakes still remain the same on the menu. After all, their products have a lot of fans in a lot of areas.

Cad b has a huge amount of fans and not one of them can deny that they experience absolute bliss just by looking at a glass of Cad b. The fact that cad-b is now chokolade does not change a thing about the brand or the fans. The name change had to be made due to some legal issues with the UK Company.

The change that
Cad-b is now chokolade
has spread all around the country and has made no difference to any fan at all. Chokolade has now reached many cities in India. Chocolate lovers can drown in a glass full of cad-b and even the other chocolate products they serve are just too tempting to resist. No matter how you are feeling, a glass of chokolade will instantly give you a heavenly feeling. Right from the first to the very last sip, you will be glad to have chokolade deliver cad-b to you.

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