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Electronic Cigarettes – Innovative New Technology

If you are an avid smoker you already know the deadly poisons cigarettes contain. You know that smoking leaves your clothes and your hair with a bad smell. You also know that it's a pretty expensive habit if you smoke more than a few cigarettes a day. Smoking a pack a day can cost you around one thousand dollars or more a year. The high cost of smoking can leave you with a lot of money out of your pocket and in these bad economic times, not smoking any more can be the stimulus your bank account needs. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle and have more money and still get your nicotine fix, there is a solution.

Electronic cigarettes are a new invention that is spreading very rapidly throughout the world. It first originated in China and has become very popular in that country. European nations are also seeing a huge increase in the number of electronic cigarette smokers. In recent month, American citizens are also beginning to take advantage of the healthier, much more cost efficient electronic cigarette. This may sound like something from the future, but it is actually available right now.

An electronic cigarette is a battery powered cigarette that can be charged up and used without a flame. You don't need to light up the cigarette or anything. The electronic cigarette is comprised of a few parts. The atomizer, the battery, and the cartridge. The atomizer is the component that heats up the nicotine solution that is housed inside of the cartridge. The atomizer heats up the nicotine solution that gets inhaled by the user and then becomes vapor. The vapor looks and feels just like traditional tobacco smoke, but doesn't contain all of the deadly cancer causing poisons. The vapor also evaporates rather quickly leaving no lingering smell and no odor.

Electronic cigarettes can be used in public places where traditional tobacco cigarettes can not. This is because the laws regarding cigarettes only talk about the usage of cigarettes that contain tobacco. Since the electronic cigarette doesn't contain any tobacco, you can enjoy your nicotine whenever and wherever you please.

The extreme similarities of the function and look of electronic cigarettes makes it both easy to quit and cool to use. You can take out the e-cigarette whenever you want and take a puff or two and just put it straight back into your pocket. Because no flame is ever present, it is safe to store it wherever you would like. Electronic cigarettes haven't been around that long, but they are becoming very popular. They look, feel, and taste like a regular deadly tobacco cigarette, but don't contain most of the harmful elements. Although they aren't supposed to be considered something that will help you quit smoking, they sure will help you get away from the deadliest habit around. If you have never heard of an electronic cigarette before, keep a lookout because they are becoming extremely popular very fast.

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