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After long being dominated by plastic bags, the paper carrier bags are back. This shift has been prompted by the excessive
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damage plastics have brought on the environment. Paper carrier bags are the best alternative as they are biodegradable and cheaper compared to the plastics. When you visit most retail stores, you will notice that paper bags are the in-thing as many customers would like to be associated with environment-friendly stores. Not only are paper carrier bags biodegradable, they are also recyclable; this means that upon excessive tear or wear, these bags can be recycled into other products.

As the cost of doing business around the world goes up by the day, any prudent business owner will be on the lookout for a source of cheap paper bags. The search of cheap paper bags is likely to be time consuming but with the onset of e-commerce, time and money are saved
considerably. PKBag, under the address www.pkbag.com, is a well recognised paper carrier bags manufacturer. Their vast experience in paper bag manufacturing dates back to 1988. Since then,
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they have been acquiring the necessary technology and expertise which has enabled them to supply cheap paper bags of high quality worldwide. They have various designs of the paper carrier bags to suit every business franchise.

Paper carrier bags can be produced as plain paper bags or they can be customised to customers' specifications. The realisation of custom paper bags developed from the fact that bags are very good advertisement portals. As paper bags are used every day by numerous people, they form a very visible platform on which plenty of messages can be communicated from. A great way to pull customers to your business is by customising paper bags with a logo of your business together with catchy marketing messages.

Paper bags are very adaptive to different printing techniques and as such one can come up with very attractive custom paper bags for his/her business. Due to the increased production costs involved in customization, cheap paper bags are needed but we should also not compromise on quality. To further reduce the overall cost of custom paper bags, one needs to order them in bulk as mass production more often than not carries with it economies of scale.

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