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How to Remote Desktop Connection on HTC HD2

In case you have HTC HD2, or any other Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, you’ve probably always wanted to try the inbuilt Remote Desktop Connection app, called “Remote Desktop Mobile”. In case you have problems connecting, here’s very detailed tutorial. This tool will allow you to see and manage your PC’s screen on your phone!

Before you do anything on your WM cell, you need to enable remote connections on your PC. Right click on the Computer icon, and select ‘Properties’. Now select “Advanced system settings”

And then, go to “Remote” tab, and mark the second option in the Remote Desktop box:

OK, now the second phase: setting up your HD2. First, you need to make sure that your WiFi connection is enabled (in Settings->Wireless Controls). Now, go to Start, open the “Tools” folder, and run “Remote Desktop Mobile”.

As usually, I will go field by field:

1. Computer – type in the IP address of your PC.

2. User name – this is your user account name on your PC.

3. Password – the password that you use to log in to your PC.

4. Domain – if your computer is a member of a domain, fill in the domain name here.

I recommend you to mark “Save password”. You could click “Connect” right away, but for best results, select “Options”, and you will see the following screen:

It is extremely important to select “High color (16 bit)” in the “Colors” field. Otherwise, image quality will be very low. I like to select the “Full screen” option, and to leave the second option blank, but you can change these setting according to your needs.

One more thing, and we’re done. Click on the “Resources” tab, and select “Play on this device” in the sound options. This will allow you to listen to your PC music on your phone!

Click “OK”, and then “Connect”, and in a moments time, you should be able to see your PC screen on your mobile phone. Here are some screenshots.

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t work in landscape mode, for unknown reasons… The other problem is that HTC HD2 has capacitive touchscreen, so you cannot use stylus, which makes it quite difficult to click on the icon you want, because they are sooo tiny. Update: this app supports multi-touch, so you can pinch to zoom in/out, and than the size of the icons stops being a problem.

Otherwise, very cool app, hope you enjoy using it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’ve also recored a video tutorial regarding this issue. You can watch it on my YouTube channel, or directly here:

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