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One of the tools available to you on DirectMatches are pixel ads. Whenyou have logged onto the site and you see the tool bar listing acrossthe top of your page, you will see a tab for pixel ads. Page 1 is justloaded with ads, so a 2nd page has been put together. I would not besurprised if a 3rd page is eventually set up. Now, you might be wondering with this huge barrage of ads, is it reallyworth putting your little pixel ad on there? Will anyone really see it? It is probably not the most sought after service on DirectMatchescompared to other things available to you with the service, but peoplecontinue to add their ads. And, if you take your mouse and scroll overthe pictures, a small box pops up that tells you what the business is.I personally find that very useful because if something piques myinterest, I am going to want to click on it. Which means you willprobably want to do the same. Posting your pixel ad is extremely easy. When you click on add pixelad, you add your image (nice and colorful with your picture worksbest), add the URL (when the ad is clicked on, it goes right to the website), give it a title that is going to attract interest, and lastlygive it an image tab description (MOST IMPORTANT - this will be thelittle box that pops up that people will see when they scroll theirmouse over - make it fascinating and you will be bound to have moreclicks). Most importantly - Executives can post 4 ads, Managers 3, Customers 2,and Free members 1. So, no matter your level, you can post an ad. Thehigher your level, the larger your ad as well. This is HUGE. Executivecan take up 10 squares at one time, Managers 8 squares, Customers 6squares, and Free members 4 squares. Two things to take note of: 1. all ads must be approved by DirectMatches before they will be posted. 2. you cannot edit your ad, if you need to delete it and add a new one, you can do that Until next time, Randi Moore moorera@greenms.com 518-283-6821 http://www.directmatches.com/paydaybuilder Profile of the week winner – April 13th – 19th 2009 Profile of the month winner - July 2009

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