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Impotant Red Dead Redemption Hints For Players

As their name suggests hints are not exactly Red Dead Redemption cheats, and are usually just simple (but very useful) tips on how you can unlock secret level, features, find hidden areas and such. Hopefully these will make playing Red Dead Redemption even more entertaining.


Bearly Legal (5):
Kill and skin 18 grizzly bears.

Fightin' Around the World (5):
Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player.

The Gunslinger (5):
Score a headshot on any enemy using Expert targeting mode.

Buckin' Awesome (10):
Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-bred.

Clemency Pays (10):
Capture a bounty alive.

Exquisite Taste (10):
Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith.

Friends in High Places (10):
Use a pardon letter with more than $5000 bounty in Single Player.

He Cleans Up Well! (10):
Obtain the Elegant Suit.

High Roller (10):
Win over 2000 chips in a hand of Poker.

Hit the Trail (10):
Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session.

More than a Fistful (10):
Earn $10,000 in Single Player.

Most Wanted (10):
Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session.

No Dice (10):
Complete a game of Liar's Dice without losing a single die.

On the Trail of de Vaca (10):
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.

Posse Up! (10):
Create a posse and get the maximum number of members.

Red Dead Rockstar (10):
Kill a Rockstar or someone with this achievement in a public multiplayer match.

Slow on the Draw (10):
Get 10 assists in a single Hideout in a public Free Roam session.

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