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what is the difference between LED and strobe lights?

Strobe light (stroboscopic lamp) were used to replace the old rotating lights that were used in the past. They are bright lights that can be seen for miles and helped fire, ems, and others work safely on the side of the road while working. But like everything else they have their drawback the lights don't last long and they take a lot of energy to run. They have also been linked to seizures and other health problems. Another problem with them is that the wires have been know to get hot and can melt or catch fire. They store large amounts of energy in a capacitor which can cause shock even when they are not connected to a power source.

LED (Light emitting diode) lights are starting to replace strobe lights due to the fact that they are just as bright and use less energy to create the same amount of light. They don't store energy and have to be plugged into a energy source to light up so the risk of shock isn't as great. They come in a variety of colors, they have also started making light bars and dash lights that can be used by police, fire, rescue, or ems which aides them in being safe when they are on a call. Another nice aspect of the led lights is that they are virtually undetectable unless they are on so they don't change the look of your vehicle like some of the other lights do.

Lights can be installed in different ways based on how they are made. Some lights come set up with magnets on them for easy attachment on the outside of the vehicle. Other lights have brackets that are screwed into the area that you want the lights. Another way of attaching them is with brackets attached to them that have adhesive pads on the bottom of them so there is no need to screw anything in. Regardless of what type of light you decide to buy one thing you should always do is look at the information that the seller is giving you and make sure you are getting what is right for you and will fit your vehicle.

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