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Virtual Office Innovation - Avila Business Center presents the 1st worldwide iPhone application

Known as myOffice, this is the first worldwide application developed exclusively to the iPhone and oriented, specifically, to the virtual Office activity. The application was developed in partnership with a technological Portuguese company, SwipeTwice, based in Oporto, free of charge for all Avila Business Center’s clients, being able to download it through the App Store.

myOffice application will allow professionals to have real time information of telephone contacts, correspondence arrival notifications and other functionalities, namely at a location and contacts from other business centres of the eOffice international network level, represented in Portugal by Avila Business Center.

Through the application it may be demanded information by email or telephone about the services paid by the Business Centers, as well as scheduling meetings, offices reservations and virtual offices hire.

Besides myOffice for the iPhone, Avila Business Center is also developing a Mobile Site, to allow the access from other smartphones, namely the Blackberry and Nokia.

This project was developed after a study made to 250 Avila Business Center’s clients companies, among which 82% have a favourable opinion in relation to these applications, showing the utility these technologies represent nowadays to companies and the opening of them for the innovation of their work processes.

Avila Business Center wants with this new product, to try to give a more effective answer to the companies’ needs that are in constant mobility, being an effective solution for professionals working in a telework regime, for freelancers and for organizations geographically spread and that have adopted a virtual Office in the centre of Lisbon.

For Carlos Gonçalves, Chief executive officer of the company “this project confirms Avila Business Center as a reference in Business Centers and Virtual Offices market, betting on the constant innovation of their products and on the adoption of state of the art technologies in order to have value close to its clients”.

About Avila Business Center

Avila Business Center, leader on the virtual offices market, is a Business Center located in Av. República and in Av. João Crisóstomo (Lisbon), dedicating itself also to the rental of physical offices based on a philosophy of “ready made” service. Founded in 2004, presents, since then, several virtual offices modalities (has Virtual Offices’ packages available from 55 Euros to 85 Euros plus VAT, per month) being leader on the market with more than 200 national and international clients. Since 2008 it is a partner and representative in Portugal of eOffice International Network, the major Business Center network in the World, with more than 300 centres and being managed from the United Kingdom.

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About SwipeTwice

SwipeTwice is a small software design and development company focused on creating distinctive iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications. The company was founded in the spring of 2010 and aims to evolve into a fully iOS and MacOS developing studio in the near future.

At the present SwipeTwice is working on several apps to be released soon on the Apple Store and is also working with companies and institutions developing custom solutions.

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Application Specifications:

1) – The phone calls notifications have full information about the message left, the name/company that contacted the client, date/hour and level of emergency;

2) - Correspondence notifications have information about the sender, date/hour of reception and type (normal/registered);

3) Fax notifications have information about the sender date/hour of reception, as well as the subject. Both the correspondence and the fax can be scanned and sent to the client.

4) Messages notifications have information about the person who transmitted it, date/hour, as well as the subject.

5) The client manages the notifications by selecting the “Done subject” or “answered call” options. The registers can also be deleted.

6) The client can automatically forward the notifications by email so that another person can be aware of the situation and proceed with the subject.

7) The same way, the client may contact the secretariat directly by email or by phone, asking for additional information about the notifications or demanding cooperation to give sequence to the subjects.

8) myOffice also allows you to have information about the several partners of eOffice international network, being able to demand for information by email or by phone on the services given, as well as make meeting appointments, offices reservation and virtual offices hiring.

For more information:

João Damasceno

Communication Director

Tel.: 210 995 054

Telm.: 912593788

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